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Why Democrats are scared to death of voter fraud investigations

As President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity met on Tuesday in New Hampshire to discuss voter fraud, the usual liberal suspects cried wolf.

During last year’s election, the president voiced what we know — that voter fraud exists. The only question is to what degree, and that’s the mission of the commission.

For anyone who dismisses concerns about voter fraud, the unhinged reaction by the left at investigating it should, at the very least, make a logical person wonder what they’re so concerned about.

After all, if you believe the issue is false, or at the most an irrelevant factor in end results, you should welcome confirmation of that fact. Unless, of course, one fears the actual outcome may prove how voter fraud impacts local and state races to the point of shifting the balance of power in Washington, D.C.

Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and vice chairman of the president's commission, has already caused quite the stir. In a Breitbart article, Mr. Kobach revealed that out-of-state voters may have changed not only the outcome of the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race, but also could have impacted who won the state’s presidential contest.


Hurricane Harvey’s Heroes: Police, Fire, and Rescue Workers

The massive devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas is a big reminder that our nation's police, fire, and EMS workers are American heroes.  The stories of their unheralded acts of heroism are proof that American Exceptionalism is alive and well.

Throughout his campaign and during his presidency, President Donald Trump has been a steadfast and vocal supporter of these fine men and women who answer the call every day in very tough situations, both large and small. As he leads the federal response to Hurricane Harvey, President Trump fully understands the unbelievable job that our first responders are doing in Texas.

The President tweeted that "First responders have been doing heroic work. Their courage & devotion has saved countless lives - they represent the very best of America!"

He is exactly right about this and it’s fantastic that the leader of the free world recognizes it. During this crisis all will be tested and the president is showing that he has their backs - 110 percent. Dealing with a disaster of this magnitude requires an enormous amount of courage and sacrifice, but the truth is our police, fire, and rescue workers do this day in and day out.

The Presidential Coalition understands this truth and we are grateful. We're also grateful for politicians like President Trump who stand side by side by these heroes and give them the thanks – and resources – they need and deserve to get the job done. With little fanfare, these outstanding citizens come to work every day, not knowing what lies before them. This is a huge sacrifice for them and their families.

The Presidential Coalition seeks to support state and local candidates who share this mindset. Politicians at all levels who fully support our first responders have their priorities in order.

Here are some stories documenting the heroic actions of our first responders as they handle the epic disaster that Hurricane Harvey left behind:

  • "Houston's fire department said it would begin a block-by-block search of thousands of flooded homes. Assistant Fire Chief Richard Mann said the searches were to ensure 'no people were left behind.'" (CBS News, 8/31/2017)
  • "Officials received 5,000 calls for help Wednesday [August 30]; 1,500 high water vehicles were dispatched to remove people out of homes or vehicles." (CBS News, 8/31/2017)
  • Up to 40 people rescued Wednesday [August 30]; nearly 4,500 rescued so far (by Houston police and fire department)." (CBS News, 8/31/2017)
  • "The Houston Fire Department has received about 15,000 calls for assistance, a spokesperson said Wednesday evening. The fire department will begin recovery operations in certain areas and conduct door-to-door checks of accessible homes that got more than 3 feet of water, the spokesperson said." (ABC News, 8/31/2017)
  • "Emergency workers and throngs of volunteers went door to door for a fifth day Wednesday, trying to rescue victims of the flood. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said authorities have received 60,000 to 70,000 calls for help." (CNN, 8/31/2017)
We are inspired by these stories and know that because of our police, fire, and rescue workers, lives will be saved, families will be reunited, and Texas will come back bigger and better than ever. Our first responders need thanks and support across the board each and every day!

Newsmax: 271 State Legislators Can't Run in 2018

In the 2018 elections, term limit laws will prevent 271 state legislators from seeking re-election. This includes 177 Republicans, 86 Democrats, six officially nonpartisan legislators in Nebraska, and two independent legislators in Maine.

The totals include 96 state senators and 175 state representatives.

The biggest impact of term limits may be seen in the Michigan State Senate. Twenty-six (26) of the 38 seats up for election in 2018 are affected by term limits. That figure includes 19 Republican and seven Democratic seats. Currently, Republicans hold a 27-11 majority in the Senate.

The only state senate where more Democrats than Republicans are subject to term limits is in Colorado. Four Democrats are term-limited along with three Republicans. Ten other seats are also up for re-election. Currently, Republicans hold an 18-17 majority in the Colorado Senate.

At the state house level, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Michigan have more Democrats term-limited than Republicans. Eight state houses — Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Maine — have more Republicans term-limited than Democrats.


100 Days until Election Day 2017

Don’t look now but the 2017 elections in the Commonwealth of Virginia are 100 days away and the stakes are high.  The results of three statewide races in the crucial swing state of Virginia will tell much about the mood of the country and will be viewed as an early report card of the Trump Administration after about 10 months in power.

At the top of the ticket in the gubernatorial election pits sitting Democrat Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam against Republican challenger Ed Gillespie. Northam was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2013 with 55 percent of the vote over Republican E.W. Jackson. At the top of the 2013 ticket, Terry McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli by about 56,000 votes - 48 percent to 45 percent - with a Libertarian candidate taking 7 percent of the vote. It’s worth noting that in that year’s Attorney General match-up featuring Mark Herring and Mark Obenshain, the outcome was so tight it had to be recounted before Democrat Herring was declared the winner by less than 1,000 votes.

In 2014, Ed Gillespie nearly defeated Democrat Mark Warner when they squared off for a U.S. Senate seat. It was Gillespie’s first run for political office and despite being heavily outspent, only lost to Warner the incumbent by roughly 17,000 votes. Moreover, Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis garnered 53,000 votes. In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton carried the Commonwealth of Virginia over Donald Trump 50 percent to 45 percent with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson getting 3 percentage points.

All this adds up to the fact that Virginia is a truly purple state that can swing either way, sometimes depending on how Americans are feeling about the direction of the country. Gillespie is a very electable Republican who will be well-funded and run a race that features a crisp message and well-organized campaign. Democrat Northam’s candidacy will essentially be a referendum on Terry McAuliffe’s term as governor and whether voters are ready for a change in Richmond.

Gillespie is running on cutting taxes and regulations in order to kick start economic growth as well as reforming the state government in Richmond. He’s a dedicated and hardworking public servant who will serve his constituents very well. Rounding out the strong statewide ticket for Republicans in Virginia are Jill Vogel (candidate for Lieutenant Governor) and John Adams (candidate for Attorney General). State Senator Vogel is a principled leader who will be the first female Lieutenant Governor of Virginia if she’s elected. Adams, a former officer in the Navy, has served honorably as a federal prosecutor and Associate White House Counsel during the George W. Bush Administration.

Over the next 100 days, it’s critically important for Republicans to put aside their differences, focus on Virginia and unite around electing Ed Gillespie as its next Governor. Republicans from all across Virginia must turn out in big numbers to elect the Republican team. In 2013, some Republican leaders made a big error by not fully uniting around Ken Cuccinelli’s candidacy for governor and giving the campaign the full support that was necessary. We’ll never know what might have been, but in 2017 Republicans must make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Presidential Coalition's Principles

Founded in 2005, the Presidential Coalition exists to educate the American public on the value of having principled conservative Republican leadership at all levels of government and to support the conservative "farm team." From Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush and Donald Trump, principled Republican Presidents have displayed the courage and wisdom necessary to guide our nation through some of our greatest and most difficult times. Their leadership has stood the test of time and made America great. These principled Republicans are the ideal role models for America's future leaders at the state and local levels of government.

Timeless principles such as the core belief in the importance of a limited government is something we are looking for in up and coming leaders. The mindset that the individual and family should be making decisions instead of the government is central to this philosophy.

Since a small government in size and scope is always best, keeping taxes to a minimum must also be a core belief for the next generation of conservative leaders. People should be able to decide how to spend their hard earned money, not the government.

Honoring the concept of the "citizen-politician" is another critically important attribute for the leaders of tomorrow. Our Founding Fathers envisioned representatives who would come to Washington to serve their country for a limited time and then return to their occupation back in their home state. The rise of the "career politician" has made the need for term limits at all levels of government absolutely essential.

Strong support of our police should be central in the belief system of any future political leader. Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line to keep us safe each and every day. The Presidential Coalition believes deeply that rock solid support of our police forces needs constant reinforcement by leaders at all levels of government.

Respecting the rule of law goes hand in hand with support of our police. We are a nation of laws and laws that are on the books must be enforced. The rise of sanctuary cities and counties has made this an enormous issue for anyone thinking about running for office at any level of government.

The Presidential Coalition Congratulates Ed Gillespie On Primary Win In Virginia Governor's Race

The Presidential Coalition ("TPC"), an affiliate of Citizens United, issued the following statement congratulating Ed Gillespie for his primary victory in the Virginia Governor's race.  TPC has also contributed $10,000 to Gillespie's campaign.

"The Presidential Coalition is proud to support conservative Republican Ed Gillespie for Virginia Governor. I've known Ed for many years and he is a man of his word. He'll keep his promises to the people of Virginia," said TPC's founder David N. Bossie.

"Ed Gillespie is the true reformer in this race. We support Gillespie because he wants to streamline the size of government, cut taxes, and get rid of job-killing regulations. With his liberal opponent Ralph Northam, it will just be the same old song and dance: Failed big government ideas, less individual liberty, and high taxes, Bossie added."

"Ed is a principled leader, a dedicated public servant and will make an outstanding Governor of Virginia," Bossie concluded.

Virginian-Pilot: Letter: John Adams for attorney general

Virginia desperately needs a new lawyer. The current attorney general, Mark Herring, has used the office as a rubber stamp for the Democratic Party’s political agenda. We deserve better.

John Adams, a Republican, could be the breath of fresh air Virginia politics needs. Adams was born and raised in Chesterfield, attended college in Virginia (graduating from Virginia Military Institute in 1996 and law school at the University of Virginia in 2003), and he was stationed at Little Creek during his service as a Navy officer.

He has vast legal experience. He served as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, as associate White House counsel under President George W. Bush and as a federal prosecutor. He now works in private practice in one of the biggest law firms in the country.

With a background of dedicated public service and an incredible legal resume, Adams will run the office of the Virginia attorney general professionally.

Re-electing Herring would be a disservice to Virginians. Herring’s record shows that he would continue to set a dangerous precedent for what we expect from our statewide officers. Instead, we should bring in an outsider, one of the most qualified candidates we have had in decades, to help lead and defend Virginia.

Catherine Colgan

Virginia Beach

Op-Ed: The Left’s Unease with Free Speech

Do your state and local elected officials support free speech for all on campus?

The First Amendment is under assault in America by the intolerant left. A growing number of younger Americans on our college campuses believe it is appropriate to ban speech that they disagree with, are offended by, or find politically incorrect. It’s a slippery slope that has caused several state legislatures to move legislation aiming to protect speech at state colleges. Liberal leaning politicians as well as administrators and educators at our institutions of higher learning would be wise to speak out against the danger of suppressing free speech in an open society, but I’m not holding my breath.

For the past seven years, I've witnessed up close the left’s disdain for robust free speech rights. Ever since the landmark Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision in 2010, the left has engaged in a nationally coordinated effort at all levels of government to "overturn" the Citizens United decision under the guises of "dark money", "corporations taking over the political process", "too much money in politics" or whatever the attack line du jour might be. These disingenuous attacks have systematically failed because overturning Citizens United would come down to limiting the free speech rights that are protected under the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The liberal attacks on Citizens United have become so falsified that most people don’t even remember - or realize - what the case was about in the first place. When folks hear the case was about limiting political speech and Citizens United’s desire to run advertisements to support a movie we produced, attitudes magically change. After all, even if one believes that there is too much money in the political system, should the government be able to censor a film or book or pamphlet because someone wishes to spend money to let people know that it exists? Reasonable people agree that this type of "big brother" government action has no place in America.

Furthermore, the liberal attacks on Citizens United are steeped in hypocrisy. One of the top priorities of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was to overturn the Citizens United decision. However, the Democrat nominee for president and Super PACs supporting her candidacy outspent Donald Trump and Republican Super PACs by a two to one margin. If dark money was truly buying our elections, Hillary Clinton would be president right now. But it’s more than just liberals saying one thing and doing another; it’s much worse.

That brings us back to the politics of today and the left’s permanent campaign against President Trump. The anti-free speech movement targeting conservative speakers on college campuses makes me wonder if the anti-Citizens United effort is truly about the amount of money in the politics. If the left was so concerned about the flood of money in the system, wouldn’t they be against labor union money as well? And if corporate money was delivering a favorable message for the liberals, would that suddenly be fine too? If you recall, liberals had no problem with the corporate funded advertisements that ran in support of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary film.

The left in America today appears not to have a problem with the amount of money in politics, but rather the messenger and the message itself. Hillary Clinton argued that she wanted to overturn Citizens United because of the money it allowed in the political process, but she was also keenly aware that our film before the Supreme Court was entitled Hillary The Movie. "Citizens United was about me" Secretary Clinton used to tell crowds, making it sound as though she was in favor of banning speech that was critical of both her and her political beliefs.

Historically, liberal campuses like the University of California at Berkeley have fancied themselves as bastions of enlightened thinking and peaceful assembly. But these days it appears as though free speech and the right to assemble only deserve constitutional protections for people the left agrees with politically. Our mantra at Citizens United has always been, "we may not agree with what you’re saying, but we believe in your right to say it." This is what conservatives believe in their heart of hearts.

My question is what does the left and their liberal enablers really believe about free speech in America?

Wash Times: Trump to sign order creating voter-fraud panel

President Trump will sign an executive order Thursday creating a long-awaited commission to investigate voter fraud and elections, a senior administration official confirmed.

The commission will be led by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who worked on the Trump transition team and is a vocal advocate of stronger immigration laws.

The commission was promised by Mr. Trump in the first weeks of his administration, after he asserted that illegal voting contributed at least 3 million votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote victory in the presidential election. Mr. Trump won the presidency by capturing a majority of the Electoral College vote.

The commission will be tasked with studying “vulnerabilities” in U.S. election systems and potential effects on improper voting, fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting, ABC News reported. The panel is also expected to examine claims of voter suppression.

A White House official said the panel will be “more forward looking” than simply reviewing alleged voter fraud and suppression.

Virginia AG Race: "Republican AG Candidate John Adams Seasoned and Ready For November"

Look out, Mark Herring … there’s a new guy in town, and he has a name every American should recognize.

Republican John Adams is coming on strong in his campaign for Virginia Attorney General, and he has the “it” factor that political types are always looking for in a candidate: Qualified, good looks, beautiful all-American family that includes a supportive wife and four sons, VMI grad, UVa Law School, and military veteran, clerked in D.C., and hometown boy who never forgot his roots and eventually moved back home ready to serve Virginia. Indeed, on his website he says, “I am a Virginian, not a politician.”

And, yes, he is related to that John Adams.

For Richmonders who remember Dr. Theodore F. Adams, the longtime, very well-known pastor at Richmond’s First Baptist Church … well, he was John’s grandfather. John Adams’ roots go deep in the Richmond community. He practices at McGuireWoods where he leads the firm’s Government Investigations department, managing more than fifty lawyers worldwide. He and his wife Lisa met in high school, and their four sons attend the same Chesterfield County public schools their parents did.

Read the full article on Bearing Drift:

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Why Democrats are scared to death of voter fraud investigations

As President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity met...

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Presidential Coalition's Principles

Founded in 2005, the Presidential Coalition exists to educate the...

Wash Times: Trump to sign order creating voter-fraud panel

President Trump will sign an executive order Thursday creating a...

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